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Daddy Freddy



Cultural Vibes - Radio Reggae show - Daddy Freddy

The world's fastest rapper BIOGRAPHIE EN FRANCAIS : DADDY FREDDY, " the original raggamuffin DJ ", le rapper au " flow " le plus rapide au Monde (506syllabes à la minutes Guinness Book 88), né en 1965 àKingston Jamaïca, voisin de Jacob Miller, il a grandià Trenchtown le berceau de la culture reggae, au sondes Sounds Systems du ghetto. Son premierenregistrement, il le fait chez le légendaire Clément" COXSONE " Dodd's, " Zoo Party " sur un cut du riddim" Slen teng ". Son premier single enregistré pour leproducteur Harry J. en combinaison avec Pinchersdevient N°1.Freddy aura au total 6 titres classés dans le Top Tenavec son premier album " Body Lasher ". Fin des "Eighties ", départ pour les Etats Unis en compagnie deNicodemus, Cutty Ranks, SuperCat, Josey Wales, où ilrencontre ASHER D. pour enregistrer le légendairealbum " Raggamuffin Hip Hop " sur le label " Music OfLife ". Album pionner de la scène Ragga Hip Hopnaissante. L'impact de cet album se fera ressentir del'underground à un public plus " Mainstream ", iltissera les premiers liens entre hip hop et reggae.S'ensuit une notoriété croissante, des shows T.V. encombinaisons avec des artistes comme Cypress Hillou Heavy D., et il enregistre un " hit " avec unechanteuse de Soul Mélissa Morgan " trough the tears "qui grimpera dans les charts du Billboard américain.D' un côté il travaille avec des artistes venus de lapop comme Norman Cook, et parallèlement il continue àalimenter l'underground jamaïcain de singles [" BabaLoo Baba Laba ", " Hypocrites " en duo avec MichaelProphet], d'albums [" Raggamufffin Soldier "], et dedub plates ou autres " Specials ".BIOGRAPHY IN ENGLISH :The world's fastest rapper according to the GuinnessBook of World Records, Jamaican-born Daddy Freddy wasalso one of the first artists to fuse ragga anddancehall with hip-hop, helping establish a style thatwould become highly influential during the '90s.Freddy (born S. Frederick Small, 1965, Kingston) grewup in the Trenchtown area and began performing for hisuncle's sound system, eventually moving on to joinLieutenant Stitchie and, most importantly, SugarMinott. His gig with Minott's sound system helped makehis name in Jamaica (and, following an overseas tour,the U.K.); in 1985, he made his first recording forClement "Coxsone" Dodd's Studio One label, a singletitled "Zoo Party," that was built on the rhythm ofthe early ragga smash "Under Mi Sleng Teng." Aided byhis hit debut album Body Lasher, Freddy scored aremarkable six Top Ten hits in Jamaica during 1986,including a collaboration with Pinchers, called "JokerLover," that topped the charts.In 1987, Freddy returned to the U.K., where he signedwith the Music of Life label and began working withproducer Asher D. The resulting album, RaggamuffinHip-Hop, was one of the first fusions of dancehalltoasting with hip-hop rhythms, breaking a great dealof new ground. Freddy continued to record dancehallreggae singles for the Jamaican audience while makingguest appearances with pop and dance artists like GoWest, Meli'sa Morgan, and Beats International (thepre-Fatboy Slim project of Norman Cook). In 1988,Freddy entered the Guinness Book of World Records witha rap that topped 500 syllables per minute. Despitesuccess in the U.K. and Jamaica, Freddy hadn't made asmuch of an impression in the States, and he aimed tochange that by signing with Chrysalis for the 1991album Stress and the accompanying single "DaddyFreddy's in Town." Both enjoyed modest success, andthe Capitol-issued follow-up album, RaggamuffinSoldier, scored positive reviews, but Freddy neverquite became a breakout star in America even with histremendous technical skill. Freddy soon elected totake a break from his frenetic late-'80s recordingschedule, releasing his last Music of Life album, TheBig One. However, he staged a comeback in 2000 withthe acclaimed Old School, New School, a collaborationwith new U.K. dub wizard the Rootsman. Freddysubsequently returned to Jamaica to begin recordingsome new dancehall material.

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