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Love Eternal



Cultural Vibes - Radio Reggae show - Love Eternal

LOVE ETERNAL Le groupe californien "Love Eternal" s'apprête, en 2005, à sortir son second album "Creation", après leur premier album "Family" paru en 2003... Découvrez leur biographie ci-jointe et visitez leur website pour découvrir leur son : Pure Natural Roots ! Love Eternal is a band ripe and ready to share their roots reggae blessings Through a river of cosmic circumstances rises homegrown roots reggae band, LOVE ETERNAL. They united as musicians as well as family two years ago near the ocean of Santa Cruz, CA with a common aspiration in mind - developing and producing beautiful, conscious music. They live, create music and raise their children together under a Redwood canopy as a communal family, which lends to their tightly woven musicianship. LOVE ETERNAL's unique blend of roots reggae intertwines the pulsing beats of Kris 'Tafari' Smith and breezy, positive lyrics of Shawna and Jahred Namaste. Semaj's rhythmic bass and the unexpected mandolin melodies of Ray 'of Sunshine' really get their fans dancing. The percussion and hand drum work of Namasia Carpenter is Inspirational and Mind Blowing. As life-long musicians dedicated to their love and passion for the arts, LOVE ETERNAL draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of everything from Bob Marley, Israel Vibration and other classic roots reggae of the 60s and 70s -- to the rawness of Grateful Dead and Santana along with Soul singers like Aretha Franklin and James Brown. The band channels these influences into a distinctive sound all their own which keeps reggae fans as well as a more universal audience wanting more. LOVE ETERNAL has made a name for themselves throughout California, earning new fans at every show including performances locally at the Catalyst, Moe's Alley, Henlings Tavern, the Cayuga Vault and Inner Light Ministries . They have also had the honor of sharing the stage with other artists at festivals such as the Whole Earth Festival, River Ranch Festival, Peace Harvest Festival and the Muse Matrix Fest plus shows at the Jamaica House, Stanford, the Enchanted Broccoli Forest, the 418 Project and for KZSC radio. In 2003, LOVE ETERNAL recorded their debut album, Family to high praise. The melodies and vocals on the first track "Love Jah" invoke irie melting effects on your being...like a Jamaican lullaby tapping into your spirit, elevating your soul. With their much-anticipated second album, Creation, just recorded, LOVE ETERNAL is planning a CD release tour for Spring 2005. . Check out Creation and visit www.loveeternal.org to find out more about the tour and band! "Teaching the world of Truth, Love Eternal is a harmonic, mellow, groovy group of singers and musicians that can make a night under the stars magical!" (Yasa Henson, The Muse Matrix Magazine) For booking/CD purchase information, please call 831-438-3270 or visit www.loveeternal.org Or Contact FarrFetched Productions at (831) 325-6427 FarrFetched@skyhighway.com Cds available Online at www.cdbaby.com


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